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I almost didn't go to work today.

I was reading  Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower on a bus and decided I'd rather sit on one of Makati's building steps and finish the rest of Charlie's letters to his friend. No one takes that kind of moment from their busy lives anymore. But old habits are hard to break; the bus slowed to a stop and I put one foot in front of the other. Before I knew it I was standing in the middle of Ayala Avenue. Everyone else in gray, dark, or flat colored clothes (because someone said that's how you dress like the moment you start working) ran for the sheds, and I was there in my floral printed dress and thrift-store boots with no umbrella, feebly protecting my book from the rain.

I've always been over the top about my books, but I guess there will be those times when you lose yourself for a while. So I continued walking as I read my book, letting the rain kiss the pages as Charlie went on about half-dreading his sister's and friends' graduation.

One foot in front of the other. I paused when I had to go down the underpass and again when the guard checked the contents of my bag before letting me in. All the guards ever do is poke their wooden stick around your bag and pretend they know what they're looking for. I swear anyone could put weed and acid inside their Starbucks coffee mug and still get away with it. 

If you walk long enough with your nose under a book, people give you space. As long as you walk in a straight line, they in turn walk around you. Soon enough (or is it always too soon?), asphalt turned to carpet and I came in an hour late. I took my seat in front of the monitor.

It was my turn to pretend I knew what I was looking for. 

Sucker Punch, A Review (2.5/5)

 Disclaimer: The following words are relative and does not hold any truth except only to myself. People may or may not agree with me, so do not make the ramblings of a twenty-something-year-old be the basis of seeing this movie. 

This is more of a journal than a review. Plus, it didn't help that I missed a good thirty minutes of the movie because I came from work and my productivity takes effect at 7pm.  I came in right about the time Baby Doll (Emily Browning) was briefed about the five items she had to get to be free.

Now here's the thing, Zack Snyder is a visual genius. The films he had to work on before were epic-awesome too (Frank Miller for 300 and Alan Moore for Watchmen) so all he needed to worry about was to make sure the material also delivered on-screen. In the case of Sucker Punch, this was all him (and another friend, so I've heard). I can only imagine the hard work needed to make a film from scratch, and I respect him for that. 

However, I do agree with my boyfriend that Zack should (IMO) stick to directing. The premise had massive potential; fantastical worlds under a layer of sexy brothel under a final layer of a mental institution in which five girls are trying to escape from. I mean, shouldn't that sentence already release the inner geek in you?

I guess it should have, but it somehow didn't, for me (IMHO).

I am a fan of testosterone. I love hand-to-hand combat, fight sequences, I don't mind slow mo at all, I adore sword fights, ancient battle tactics and most recently guns. Guns guns guns. It was all of them, these ladies - Browning, Cornish, Hudgens, Malone and Chung. They were doing their own stunts,  having been trained by the Navy Seals. This movie delivered in this area, hands down.

The visuals, too, just blew my mind away. Cinematography was fantastic in all the right places, raw too, in all the right scenes. Even the shots were planned and thought out - frames looked like different panels of a comic book OR, a video game adult males stay up late for. 

The storyline dealt with the mind, the insane and all the gray areas in between. It just wasn't tackled enough, I suppose. Or it was, but it barely scratched the surface. The only thought-provoking things I got were "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything" and "You have all the weapons you need, now fight." It was more muscle, less brains. I guess I was looking for depth, something beyond the fireworks display, and I regretfully say this was what Sucker Punch lacked. Yes, I know they had to cut 18 minutes to fit the PG-13 requirement, but that should not be reason enough to fall short on a good flow.

However, I believe a weak script is not an actor's fault. Taking out the storyline and putting the spotlight on center stage, we have five different ladies that in my opinion, performed as expected (maybe even beyond) but I would like to highlight that the most powerful, convincing, most human roles were of Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish) and Rocket (Jena Malone). I am a fan of Vanessa Hudgens (there, I said it), and there is nothing reminiscent about her past roles at all. I say this without bias - I was pleasantly surprised to see her all so different. She OWNED the trenches. I was so happy that each girl had a relevant role to play. No one, in a way, got left behind.
To summarize bluntly, I was expecting to be mind-f*cked, but I came out just half-f*cked, do I make sense? Then again, I read another review (a rather nice one) and they said "Just watch, don't think." Take their advise and you will enjoy the film. Oh, but if you think all your fantasies were answered from just the trailer, then "just watch, don't think" and you'll definitely see this at least twice. 
Tip: Do stay for the credits. All the musical numbers are there. *wink*

Author's Credentials/Why You Shouldn't Have Wasted Your Five Minutes on Me:
1. I am not a professional movie critic but I like to pretend I know what I'm talking about.
2. I am not a professional writer but I love semantics and ranting elegantly. (Does fanfiction count?)
3. Godfather 2 is tied with Mighty Ducks 2 as the best sequel for me, of all time.

EDIT: I CANNOT believe I totally missed out the soundtrack part. That was one thing I was so totally freaked about! I Want It All/We Will Rock You was genius, definitely enjoyed Love is the Drug and Army of Me. Awesome soundbites.

My First Participation!

Banner made by the awesome alexia_drake 

An Appeal

It's just that you, of all people, made me believe in love, in the most unexpected place. Where it was all pretense and stage, you were the truth among games. 

You were Universe's way of saying, "there is love, yes there is."

What's going to happen to the rest of our days?



Find your way back to each other.

The Four Stages of Fear (PG-13)

Title: The Four Stages of Fear
Rating: T/PG13
Word Count: 1,500
Notes/Warning: Written for leopion  at thedramionedrabble Valentine's Day Challenge 2011. 
Prompt: “The answer is that one would like to be both the one and the other; but because it is difficult to combine them, it is far safer to be feared than loved if you cannot be both.” ~Niccolò Machiavelli

Freeze, Flight, Fright, FightCollapse )

White Blonde

Title: White Blonde
Rating: T/PG13
Characters: Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger
Summary: Draco may have overlooked one tiny detail in the proceedings of Malfoy Marriages. One Shot

Bollocks, he thought.Collapse )

Second Chances

Title: Second Chances
Rating: M
Characters: Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger
Summary: The unspoken past is a dagger with a dull blade. But he was not one to dwell on his past in daylight. He wondered how long could she play this masquerade. He knew she felt it too. Hope, chance, and freedom. Starts with DH epilogue, but from Daco's POV .
Disclaimer JK Rowling rules this world, and the world of Harry Potter

Chapter 1, September 1stCollapse )

Wardrobe, A Malfunction

Title Wardrobe, A Malfunction
Author ceresvesta
Genre Fluff/Humour
Time Frame/Universe 7th Year DH EWE?
Status Complete/One-Shot
Summary The morning after did not go exactly as they planned.
Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns the world of Harry Potter.
Notes This is also posted in [info]dramione and draco_hermione  

Draco yawned as he lazily made his way to the Great Hall.Collapse )

A Decade in Review (2001-2010)

At fifteen, I fell in love for the first time. It was exactly how they said it would be, and more. The height of puberty was fast and hazy. 

At sixteen, high school was over. I had no reason to cry at the graduation; the bond I had with my friends would last a lifetime. I also had my first heartache. I would be damaged for a while.

From Seventeen to Twenty-FourCollapse )

My Must Sees for 2011

Disclaimers are in order, of course; I am in no credible position to command/influence my peers as to which film they would want to spend their Php. 160 (Php300 for 3D) on. Some of them are highly more cultured than I'll ever dream to be, and the others have gotten Hollywood updates faster than they can say "rotten tomatoes". Really, no one should listen to me; I used to watch HSM 1-3 over and over again.

At any rate, this is just my To-Do-List so I won't forget, and I am more than glad sharing it with you guys:

Getting on with it, here are my top movies to watch for 2011 in no particular order (nor bias whatsoever *wink*)

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